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Freestanding Single Fitness Barre


We manufacture two sizes and two designs – straight or curved in 3’ and 6’ widths from our durable, high-quality aluminum. Choose from Gray, Black or White.


Fit-Outs has specifically designed this fitness barre with a single barre for all barre programs. They are perfect for building and developing your core!

A height of 37” helps to prevent shoulder injuries. We manufacture two sizes of two designs either curved or straight in 3’ and  6’ widths. Manufactured with durable, high-quality aluminum. Choose from Gray, Black or White. Need a custom width and height? We do that – just let us know your specifications.

The barres are so easy to put together in minutes and the feet swivel for storage and moving through doors or narrow spaces. Perfect for home use too.

Sprung lock for swivel

Black Fitness Barre with one foot swiveled.


Our single fitness barres work well with our wall mount barres for those more robust fitness routines of resistance bands, strength training and more!

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Curved, Straight