Your one-stop shop for Fitness Barres, Glassless Mirrors and Flooring.

Need a fitness  barres or dance barres? We manufacture our barres to the highest quality for fitness and ballet and dance fitness. We have wall mounted with open or closed brackets. We also manufacture freestanding fitness barres and double barres for ballet and dance fitness. Swivel feet on our barres make storing and moving our freestanding barres a breeze! 
Our wall mount barres with brackets easily withstand the rigors and demands of daily use in fitness classes and rehabilitation exercises or for ballet fitness. Perfect for Barre Fitness Studios, City Community Centres, Schools/Universities, Dance Studios and are ideal for home barre fitness or ballet practice (double freestanding barre).
Have you heard of Glassless Mirrors? They are amazingly clear, light and shatterproof - no distortion. Yes - no glass!! We distribute them throughout North America for all kinds of applications - gyms, fitness and dance studios, home gyms and more.
Need flooring? We have sub/sprung-flooring and various vinyls - all customized.


Why the name Fit-Outs?

Well… because 'fit-out' literally means fitting out interior spaces. That includes fitting out barre fitness studios, gyms,  dance studios, health clubs and fitness centers; Yoga and Pilates studios, physiotherapy clinics, boxing gyms, workout areas, Zumba studios, hotel gyms, home gyms, school gyms, city run gyms, YMCA’s, dance and martial arts studios and multi-use rooms. You see where we're going with this....the list is endless.

Customer satisfaction is Fit-Outs' priority - let us know what you need for your specifications. We can completely outfit your space and provide package pricing for our barres, glassless mirrors and floors. Contact us today at 1-844-884-5544 - we're here to help!